Accelerated Lead Generation for IT Businesses

Zagency uses local content marketing and lead qualification tactics to make sure you are putting the right potential customers into your funnel, laying the basis for a successful global expansion.

There’s no doubt that lead generation becomes more and more complicated — what once took a phone call or knock on a door, now takes, on average, 12 different points of contact to turn a lead into a sale. Integrating content marketing, social media, and telemarketing, our lead generation process ensures that sales receives an accelerated supply of high-quality leads, while we work behind the scenes, setting up campaigns, prospecting lists, developing content, and qualifying leads.

Zagency proudly offers a fully managed accelerated lead generation process: 

  • Researchers
  • Content specialists
  • Callers who qualify leads and set up meetings
  • Add-on: Inside Sales Reps and Field Account Execs

Our Accelerated Leads Process includes:

  • Campaign Setup and Rollout
  • Prospect Data
  • Lead Generation to increase your funnel & gain market share
  • Lead Qualification & Nurturing via digital campaigns and events
  • Compelling Content for Lead Engagement (via socials, email, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Campaign Management & Reporting
  • Tweaking in Response to Tech Vertical and Sales Cycle Demands
  • Privacy Compliant (European GDPR)

All of these strategies come with local knowledge.

Zagency can provide you with bespoke international lead generation as a single offering or in coordination with our market analysis and sales team outsourcing for full-service international business development.

Zagency is the fastest way to accelerate IT sales.

Are you ready to expand your IT business in France and French speaking countries?