International Business Development for IT companies

Zagency provides all the services that fast-growing tech companies need to establish an effective sales team within French speaking countries. Leverage our fully integrated sales and lead generation service can take your time to market down from a year to a month.

A popular Sales Force from Zagency offering is our Sales Assessment, which is a way to gauge the potential of your tech within certain verticals and locations, and to then fit that into a repeatable sales model. This is an on-site or virtual discovery process where we help you assess your current sales strategy, structure and processes. We help you identify any gaps you need to fill in order to achieve accelerated growth in new target markets.

Your sales assessment is executed by our senior tech sales executives who will interview your key staff members. Then, we will create an actionable report summarising your current situation and offering you our recommendations.

Would you benefit from a Sales Assessment?

Is your IT company looking to launch new products or services? Are you ready to launch your established product or service to new international markets or verticals? If either or both describes your tech company, you could certainly benefit from our Sales Assessment.

A Sales Assessment assists you in developing and accelerating your existing sales. Our Sales Assessment gives you a better understanding of what your customers need and how your current sales process is attending those needs. Then, we help you develop a repeatable sales model that allows for business development at scale.

There are two versions of Zagency Sales Assessment — a Rapid Sales Assessment and a Full Sales Assessment.

Rapid Sales Assessment

A one-day onsite or two-day video interaction, followed by 16 hours for further research, followup, writeup, and final presentation.

The Rapid Sales Assessment will focus on the following:


Your Unique Selling Proposition

  • Elevator and customer pitch reviews
  • Main features reviewed with their perceived values
  • USP evaluation: Are you offering what the customer needs?
  • Criteria for/against your product
  • Customer success stories

Your Current Sales Process

  • Outlining current sales process
  • Understanding of all KPIs and measurements
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Review of sales tools
  • Sales management process

Your Present Marketing Approach

  • Current marketing processes
  • Content strategy and execution
  • Messaging review and clarification
  • Lead generation pipeline analysis
  • Pricing strategy

We will deliver 30, 60, and 90-day recommendations for each of these points.

Full Sales Assessment

Two to four days on-site with three to four days for further research, followup, writeup, and final presentation.

Everything from the Rapid Sales Assessment is included, plus the following, to take your sales to the next level:

Your Sales & Staff Opportunity

  • Existing demand
  • Effectiveness in meeting that demand
  • More staff interviews on product and positioning
  • Salesperson metrics analysis
  • Evaluation of current training processes

Competitive Landscape

  • How does your product measure against competitors in your vertical?
  • How does your product measure against competitors in new markets?
  • How does your marketing and lead generation measure against competitors’ marketing?
  • Evaluation of benefits and drawbacks of product within target markets

Current Customer Feedback

  • Phone interviews with two of your active customers to understand current perception of your business, including:
  • their own sales process experience with you,
  • identification of any gaps in their experience with you,
  • their motivation to buy,
  • and the post-sale experience and how your tech is working out for them.

We will deliver 30, 60, and 90-day recommendations for each of these points.

We offer these Sales Assessments to help launch your international expansion partnering with Zagency, but it is also available as a stand-alone offering.

Contact us to learn more about pricing and to have all your questions answered by one of our senior sales executives.